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Wooden Pallets are available in Pinewood, Junglewood, and Plywood.

Choosing Mansi Pallets means selecting the best in the business; if you require dependable service while saving money, we believe you do.

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All types of customized and standard wooden boxes and wooden crates are available with us in both jungle wood and pinewood.

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Who We Are?

Mansi Pallet is a market leader in the Pallets manufacturer, supply, and Packing Of All Kind Ceramic Tiles, Vitrified, Slab and All Other  Products. We have developed expertise in the design of heavy duty Wooden Shipping Pallets, boxes, Skids, Boxes, Cases, and Crates through years of experience. We have a fully equipped infrastructure and a professional team that help the company develop long-lasting wooden products that meet the needs of the global market. We have an advanced quality Packing Department that tests the quality of Wooden Products at each stage to ensure that only the best are produced.


Mansi Pallets is one of the well-known company that manufacture a large variety of Pallets.

Packing Services

Mansi Pallets is one of the well-known Company that Provide All types Of Tiles, Vitrified And All Other Items Packing Services.

Mr. Arvind Bhai K. Aghera
Mr. Dharmesh Bhai B. Zalariya

CEO & Founder Mansi Pallets

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Before pallets go for refurbishing process, pallets are segregated into different grades and sizes.


Our Expert technicians team will then refurbish the pallets with advanced and modern techniques

Durability check

In the final step durability and sturdiness of the pallets are tested and then labelled as "ready for reuse".

Experienced Team

Our well experienced team of professionals inspect these pallets and are refurbished to perform as intended.

Quality check

Refurbished wooden pallets are inspected by our quality assurance team for the quality of the material.

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if you need reliable service and saving in cost, we think you do. Contact as for all your pallet needs.

We care about our environment as much as we care about our customers that’s why we choose to take this specific and unique road to our business. We want to contribute to our society in whatever way we could.

Why Choose Us?

How We Differ From Others?

We live in a world that belongs to all of the races that exist on this planet, and we must protect it for future generations. We’re doing our best, and are you joining us on this journey?


Our Policy is to save Nature

By using the refurbished pallets the number of trees cut down every year will be reduced which increases the environmental health.


Environment friendly

As we are the detectors of nature it's our duty to save nature by using refurbished pallets, recycled products etc..

How It Works

How Pallets Are Made



We buy pallets by the truckload from various manufacturing plants that are no longer using them. Arriving pallets are sorting into various sizes and grades on multiple levels.



Durability of Mansi Pallets are the one aspect which makes us to stand unique



Our experience in the pallet services business has led us to formulate a process that completely maximizes the usage cycle of a pallet.